Load, track, and version your data.

Load data from online sources like AWS S3 or you local environment. Track changes and lineage, explore your data visually, and manage access,

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Ingest your data, create and transform datasets, track your version history. Load data from online sources like AWS S3 or your local environment. Easily version your datasets. Datasets are cached on high-speed storage for maximum performance.


Connect to a remote data source or upload data stored locally.


Create immutable dataset versions. Track changes over time.


Load your datasets to train and test your models.

Data Sources

Easy to use

Use the intuitive web interface or CLI to import data.

Engineered for scale

Create an unlimited number of datasets of any size and complexity.

Advanced tooling

Leverage pipelines to automate repetitive and error-prone tasks.

Data Interfaces

Web UI

Beautiful console to collaborate with other users, version models, track code, graph results, and more.


A command-line tool for executing Jobs from Windows, Mac, or Linux.
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Construct end-to-end automated pipelines to stitch together discrete steps.
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Productivity tools

Powerful dataset management in an end-to-end ML platform

Stay focused on machine learning. Leave the DevOps to Gradient.

  • Powerful experiment management
  • Metrics collection & visualization
  • Distributed training (gRPC & MPI)
  • Versioning
  • CI/CD
  • Persistent storage & artifacts
  • Dataset tracking
  • Run Anywhere

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow

Gradient provides an elegant web interface and powerful IDE giving you the tools to run everything from single experiments to sophisticated pipelines.

CLI & Python library. Package your code, data, and container for remote execution.

Powerful CLI and native Python integrations. Construct pipelines, train at scale, and track results.

A single interface to manage all your ML work. Accelerate your ML workflow with modern, reproducible, and deterministic processes.

Store and version models, graph metrics like loss and accuracy, easily deploy and share your projects.

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