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Gradient is officially recommended as the go-to solution by the creators. Spin-up a notebook template on a free GPU and start learning instantly. Say goodbye to wasting time tinkering with drivers or managing your environment.

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Gradient is the recommended platform for

Launch a notebook environment that just works, backed by a free GPU. Paperspace partnered with the team to maintain a notebook image that's always up to date, simple to use, and completely free.


Choose the template


Select an intance type eg the free GPU


Complete the course!

Gradient Notebooks

Your persistent, on-demand workspace in the cloud

Stay focused on machine learning. Leave the DevOps to Gradient.

  • Free GPUs
  • Zero configuration required
  • Easy sharing
  • Import external datasets
  • Import notebooks from GitHub
  • Bring any container
  • Spot instances                      
  • Upload existing notebooks

A familiar interface backed by powerful cloud GPUs

Notebooks run in a serverless environment which means you can seamlessly version them, update the underlying framework anytime, and toggle the instance type with 1-click.

Start building in seconds. Notebooks provide a fully configured development environment in the cloud.

All the frameworks, libraries and drivers are pre-loaded and optimized for performance. Easily install custom libraries and dependencies.

A single interface to manage all your ML work. Notebooks are integrated into the rest of the Gradient MLOps platform.

Take your Jupyter Notebook projects to the next-level by leveraging powerful features like distributed training, hyperparameter tuning, and 1-click deployments.

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"I think @HelloPaperspace is my new favorite thing"
Brian R. Stuckey
Stealth security & privacy company
"I prefer Gradient due to the clean and focused user experience on machine learning."
Timo Böhm
Data Science & AI Consultant
"Really jazzed to get a @HelloPaperspace running with @rstudio + @TensorFlow!!"
Matt Harris
Dir. Geospatial & Data Analysis

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