Machine Learning in Health & Life Sciences

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve quality with machine learning. Gradient facilitates the adoption of an organization-wide AI-driven strategy that improves quality of care, leads to more breakthroughs, and ultimately saves lives. Learn how innovative health and life sciences companies are transforming data into predictive models which are used today across a diverse set of clinical and operational applications.  

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AI in Health & Life Sciences

Helping transform organizations with AI technology. Whether your initiative is to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, or identify risks, Gradient can work with you to turn your ever-increasing volumes of data into cutting edge insights and predictions that will drive cost-saving decisions across your organization. Gradient is a trusted partner of organizations around the world and is used in production today to solve a multitude of challenges from drug discovery to combating COVID-19.

Discover the benefits of AI in health and life sciences.

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Gradient can help

Conduct AI without bottlenecks

Experiment faster and deliver more breakthroughs. Remove DevOps pain with independent access to compute. Use the right tools for the job. Share and repurpose work across the team. More easily get models from development into production.

Build a modern AI practice

Create an organizational capability out of machine learning. Gain visibility into work happening across the organization. Accelerate the data machine learning management lifecycle. Reduce regulatory and operational risk while maintaining and updating models more frequently, with greater precision.

Become your unified AI hub

Support data science without sacrificing governance or security. Future-proof your machine learning stack. Gain transparency with complete model reproducibility. Offer a centralized platform for collaboration. Reduce model ops friction for rapid model delivery and iteration.

AI Applications

High value use cases

  • Drug discovery
  • Predict patient outcomes
  • Hospital resource management
  • Improve diagnosis accuracy
  • Create more precise patient readmission risk models
  • Recognize and measure symptoms
  • Understand member hospital inpatient length of stay
  • Optimize your patient/customer messaging
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Gradient Health and Paperspace Team Up to Advance Medical Imaging.


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